When subscribing to a movie or series platform, the first observation is that the navigation design is clearly focused on accepting their suggestions. In the end it is as if they wanted, using the excuse that you choose the content you see, to become a conventional/one-way television: “I, who know your preferences, tell you what you are going to see every time you connect”. And if you want to see something else, you have an ordeal of screens/search engines/suggestions, etc. ahead of you. In other words: they keep coming after us, as the fabulous Accidents Polipoètics said:

However, the network is full of crazy men and women, who expose their knowledge and/or opinions, through very interesting content. This was going to be an article about contemporary poetry, but every time you enter one in searches, you realize that there is more... much more. Here are some recommendations to spend a (long) time reading, watching, listening and even creating interesting things yourself.

 UBUWEB (Duchamp is my lawyer)

Ubuweb en Digital Culture TV

In 1996, during the early days of the web, Kenneth Goldsmith created UbuWeb to publish hard-to-find works of concrete poetry. What began as a site for sharing works from a relatively obscure literary movement has become an essential archive of experimental and avant-garde literature, film, and music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Visitors from around the world now have access to works both obscure and canonical, from artists such as Kara Walker, Yoko Ono, Pauline Oliveros, Samuel Beckett, Marcel Duchamp, Cecil Taylor, Glenn Ligon, William Burroughs, Jean-Luc Godard, and many more. others.

It has an enormous quantity of materials, from contemporary poetry (its first objective) to texts and studies, video-art or music. Frankly recommended.

Some content not to be missed:

Palestinian visual poetic short film

Little-known works of the trumpeter

Street Posters: Surreal, Inconvenient and Very Funny


(Criticism and reflection on an eroded world)

Interesting and very well written articles on culture. editorials, image theory and many other topics.

A destacar: Obra gráfica de Hans Rudolf Giger, artista suizo creador de los extraterrestres de Alien.

Puedes ver gratuitamente este concierto, en nuestra sección Conciertos Pop/Rock. Si te registras podrás ver algunos más. Y si te haces socio, no sólo podrás ver todo el contenido de digitalculture.tv, sino que colaborarás en que todos los que escribimos y publicamos esto puedan ser retribuidos por su trabajo y el tiempo que dedican a ello. Gracias!