This should be a motivating phrase to pique your curiosity and get you in. But since we consider that you are an adult, we are only going to tell you what you will find in here:

More of 150 concerts and shows complete on video just a couple of clicks away: Dance, Actions, Pop Music, Jazz, Folk/World and Classical/Experimental.

News and articles on Art, Culture, Music, and Ways of Life.

Information about radio stations, art galleries, video artists and online events from around the world.

A minimum of 30 new referrals per month, so you don't get bored of us!

The Digital Culture online platform and its contents

Apart from the news, we provide a manual selection of content, mostly videos and recommendations from external pages, with their corresponding additional information. 

And yes, all our current content is already online. And like everything on the web, they are in the original format. It may be that some content is in low resolutions - there was no HD television in 1956 - but Miles Davis played like never before that night... And it's worth seeing and hearing, even if it's in B/W and pixelated square format, really!

Let's be serious: 96% of the audiovisual content that is produced or digitized today is immediately uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or some other video hosting service, for convenience and visibility. That is to say that the sentence: “you will not find this on youtube” used by some payment portals dedicated to jazz (very interesting portals, by the way), is not entirely correct. You may not find the entire concert that they are offering you, but if you search for a while, you have a good chance of finding many short excerpts from that same concert.

One more time: everything is on the net, you just have to find it. We know from experience that navigating through viewing suggestions means spending frustrating hours discarding things you don't care about, either because of the content itself or because of the quality of that content. It is clear: algorithms cannot have the same cultural background as a human specialist.

What DIGITALCULTURE.TV offers you is to enjoy a guaranteed selection through fast and friendly navigation.