“New times, wild times” says our friend, the journalist Ricardo Aguilera. And he is right: pandemics, confinements, the economy or simply the physical distance to places with worthy cultural offers, make us stay at home much more frequently. And that's where the returns for television offers begin, subscriptions to movie platforms, watching internet videos on TV and spending hours rejecting absurd suggestions or suggestions that are simply not interesting.

And that made us create DIGITALCULTURE.TV. Offer a place from which to enjoy entertainment focused on culture. A varied selection of articles, videos and web pages, from the performing arts to music or plastic arts, in all its variants and historical moments.

We started this adventure mostly with content that is already on the web. Our intention is that it be extended in the near future to our own content that we can offer you exclusively. And even to produce content. But first, we need to have a good user base, in order to be a platform that offers powerful display capabilities and decent rewards to creators.

Besides, you will see that we have a personal section for you. You can create a profile, with all the information you want to provide us, your interests, include your photo and interact with other users of DIGITALCULTURE.TV, through a search engine and internal messaging. A virtual community united by the love of culture!

oh! I almost forgot: we will never give your information to third parties, nor will Mr. Z offer us a fortune for it...

Like all internet, on the computer, of course. And on mobile, if you have good eyesight (or good glasses) or at least good headphones to enjoy a certain quality of audio.

BUT: our website is designed so that you can also enjoy it -or mainly- on the television in your living room, hence its graphic aspect, so simple (but well thought out) that it has. You know: lying on the couch and watching it on what is usually the biggest screen in the house. Like conventional television or any series or movie platform, but with a selection of content dedicated to Culture.

And we strongly recommend that you connect the sound of the TV to a stereo. You can easily do this with an audio cable, from the audio output of the TV, to the auxiliary input (for example) of your amplifier. Cable that you will find -of all the lengths you need- in electronics stores or online. And I'm not going to tell you where to buy it online, it would be advertising and -already that- we'll talk about advertising later.

You can imagine it: DIGITALCULTURE.TV has high programming costs (the interface of this website that you are seeing is expensive to prepare, implement and maintain) and endless hours of a team of professionals selecting content and other professionals searching and writing news and reviews. And we don't want to saturate you with annoying ads -at least they bother us- so there are NO ads on DIGITALCULTURE.TV.

Not even in the videos there is advertising, this has been a real headache to get it. In the same way, in order not to be bothered by some banners that overlap the subtitles, we recommend that you look for (you know where) “ad blockers” or “adblocks” and that you install the one that you see convenient according to your browser. They usually work pretty well...

And back to the topic at hand: In order to keep this open (and even grow) we have established a monthly/annual paid subscription. Equivalent to the cost of one or two beers a month (depending on where you live), just what you will save if one day a month instead of going to the bar, you drink the beer(s) at home watching a show on DIGITALCULTURE. COM.

As in other pages, the payment is recurring. We will charge you the same amount again in the same way, when your subscription period is over, but you can cancel or modify the automatic renewal at any time, by going to your personal profile. And we give you two free months if you make the annual payment. This is due to the commission that the bank charges us for each payment, which corresponds to a good drink of those two beers and is much lower percentage-wise if you pay the amount of 10 months at once.