Like all internet, on the computer, of course. And on mobile, if you have good eyesight (or good glasses) or at least good headphones to enjoy a certain quality of audio.

BUT: our website is designed so that you can also enjoy it -or mainly- on the television in your living room, hence its graphic aspect, so simple (but well thought out) that it has. You know: lying on the couch and watching it on what is usually the biggest screen in the house. Like conventional television or any series or movie platform, but with a selection of content dedicated to Culture. 

And we strongly recommend that you connect the sound of the TV to a stereo. You can easily do this with an audio cable, from the audio output of the TV, to the auxiliary input (for example) of your amplifier. Cable that you will find -of all the lengths you need- in electronics stores or online. And I'm not going to tell you where to buy it online, it would be advertising and -already that- we'll talk about advertising later.