ARTE.TV online and the StreetPhilosophy program are a gem to talk about urban culture and ways of life, directed by Ronja von Rönne!

There are things in life that should be given the opportunity to pay attention and learn about, as often happens without realizing it. And it is that ARTE.TV online and the program "StreetPhilosophy" are a cultural jewel. This program, directed and presented by Ronja von Rönne, a 25-year-old German writer, in addition to dealing with issues of urban culture, includes reflections on lifestyles, philosophy and emotions. With an intimate format of interviews with different characters, mostly established in Berlin, a city that continues to be a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles. Without establishing prior judgments and in an egalitarian way, Ronja shows us different opinions on vital issues: Who are we? how do we want to live? They are the two basic questions of each episode.

El programa Streetphilosophy en ARTE TV online
Ronja von Rönne, presenter on ARTE.TV of the program Streetphylosophy.

Who is Ronja von Ronne?

Ronja von Rönne, born in Berlin in 1992, lives in Berlin and Grassau. She has participated in the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Prize in Klagenfurt. Since 2012 she writes on her blog «Sudelheft». And since 2015 she is a columnist for the newspaper «Die Welt». Wry wit is her trademark. She has become an "enfant terrible" in German cultural supplements for her controversial articles. After the publication of "Here we go", her first novel, in 2016, Germany Kultur hailed her as:

"A rising star in the literary firmament"

Sudelhelft, from Germany Kultur.

The STREETPHILOSOPHY program It is filmed in black and white, as a reportage and with a certain aesthetic affiliation to the “nouvelle vague” films of the 60s. It is a program that is aesthetically very beautiful as well as interesting. Available in German with subtitles in 6 languages. you can enjoy it here.

We recommend this article by Ronja von Rönne, on JotDown, where she talks about her novel "Ya Vamos" and different curiosities of the author herself:

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